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PMU 13

MaricorMaricar will be showing at Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair later in April this year. We're part of the curated 'Selects' program and join 16 other artists, among those already announced are fellow Handsome Frank'ers Malika Favre and Jean Jullien, Malarky, Damien Florébert Cuypers and Hattie Stewart. If you're in London tickets are on sale now through the Somerset House.

ADC Young Guns 12

Very pleased to announce that MaricorMaricar was selected by the Art Directors Club for the 2012 Young Guns. We join a group of very talented creators and designers, it's amazing and very humbling! The awards were held last November in New York, unfortunately we weren't able to travel for it but we received the very cool concrete cube award which is redesigned each year and the concrete covered annual. 


It's been a fair few months since our last News update, last time we spoke we had just started to settle in London and quite a few things happened since then, not all design related but life and career changing nonetheless!

In no particular order 2011 for us looked and sounded something like this:
Catching up with old uni friends. Meeting some amazing and talented designers, artists and directors. Going back to school at Central St Martins - for three days anyway. Pounding the pavement looking for somewhere to live for what felt like forever. Finally finding the perfect apartment in Hackney. Finding out we might get turfed out two weeks later (sorted that out luckily!). Invited to Buckingham Palace for a reception with The Queen. Falling in love with our neighbourhood London Fields and Broadway Market. Realising how much British people enjoy their fireworks. Views of Paris at night from above. Seeing the London riots too closely for our liking (from our balcony to the streets below). Buying too much at Nobrow. Meeting some awesome creative heroes of ours who turned out to be pretty damn nice too. Buying too much at the Ephemera fairs. Stumbling across pop up shops, restaurants, libraries every other week. Dog shows and street parties at Wilton Way. A lot of bunting. 

We've got some posts on our blog (part2) with a short write up and details for some of the places mentioned above and some other go-to/see places if you're ever in London.

So that's what our 2011 looked like. We had a great time and as a wonderful souvenir of our London year, one half of MaricorMaricar will be welcoming a little bub later this year. A crazy year just got crazier!

Thank you to all our great clients, the lovely people that purchased custom pieces and artwork and also everyone who followed and shared our work through the year. We're looking forward to an even busier and amazing 2012 ahead. 

29th February 2012

Freehugs & Nice Magazine

A few magazines we've featured in lately, Freehugs Magazine from Russia and Nice Magazine from South Africa.

In this issue of Freehugs Magazine we were asked along with Bratislav Milencović, Alex Trochut and Teagan White to discuss hand crafted typography and its relevance today. Although each of our styles and approach to design is quite different, it was interesting to see that our motivations seemed quite similar. We all like to develop details in our work that draw the viewer in, desiring to create type that communicates something more than letters and words.

Nice Magazine is created by the lovely folk at Nicework. Their third issue features our work alongside a bunch of amazing creatives including Coralie Bickford-Smith and Serial Cut. You can download all three issues here for free.

7th June 2011

Handsome Frank

MaricorMaricar are very proud to announce our recent signing with Handsome Frank illustration agency. We're looking forward to working with the Tom and Jon and are very humbled to be joining such an amazing group of artists. You can get in touch via

5th May 2011

Hello London

We've finally posted up all our sewn pieces from our exhibition Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase at Mart Gallery. Thanks to all who came and helped make it a success! Not all could fit on the front page of our site so please check out our Tactiles section for all the pieces.

Besides the sewn artworks we've also put up some new album artwork for the Global Village series, an illustration for Anorak Magazine's Food Is Fun blog and a stop motion animation for British Council Australia's Big Green Idea. As you can see it's been a crazy couple of months for us! And to top it all off we've packed up our bags and have landed in London. We'll be here for the next 6 months or so, please email us if you're around and interested in working together.

While we're settling into our new home we've shut up our Big Cartel shop until we sort out new mailing options from the UK. We still have the risograph prints in stock please email us if you're interested in purchasing,

3rd April 2011

Big Cartel Sale

We're heading to London at the end of March so to celebrate we're having a clearance sale on our Big Cartel store. If you are interested in our risograph prints these are all reduced and we have put our sewn typographic piece "Get All Up In My Goat" up on the store as well.

8th March 2011


Hello again, last year was a big one for co and I and it ended pretty awesomely too.

In November we attended the Qantas SOYA awards ceremony for which we'd been selected as finalists. Not only would the winners be announced but we were also going to meet Deanne Cheuk the mentor for our Visual Communcations category and also a designer that we hugely admire (and were just a teeny bit shy about meeting). Unfortunately it wasn't our night but we did meet Deanne so it was win-win. Congratulations to Motherbird and all the other winners and finalists!

Our interview with Annie Sebel from Yen Magazine appeared in their summer issue (#47). We chatted over Black Star pastries and talked about just winning the British Council Realise Your Dream award and how we are itching to go back to Japan.

Late last year we also did an interview for Free Hugs magazine from Russia. And in the last bit of news our embroidered typography will be part of an upcoming book that Dopress Books are publishing on special materials and techniques in graphic design. We'll keep an eye out for both releases, hopefully we'll get some copies to share some pics.

4th February 2011

ABD6 Shop

UPDATE: We are now selling prints on

Thanks to all who supported Art By Design 6, the exhibition was a huge success and we look forward to next year's show. If you are interested in purchasing one of the risograph prints we exhibited in the show we still have some copies available. Please view the project "ABD6 Risographs" to purchase a print.

18th November 2010

X MBD1 news X MBD2 news

Plus Camerimage

Our animated clip for Murder By Death's "White Noise" has been nominated in Plus Camerimage Festival's Music Video category. Plus Camerimage is an international film festival dedicated to the art of cinematography. We are chuffed to be nominated in such a prestigious festival and the opportunity for our animation to be screened at such an event is amazing. Here is the full list of nominees:

• CocoRosie – Lemonade
(DoP: Katie Milwright; director: Emma Freeman)
• Creep – Days
(DoP: Pete Konczal; dir. Warren Fischer)
• Czesław Śpiewa – Krucha blondynka
(DoP: Mads Køngerskov; dir. Mads Hemmingsen)
• Eminem feat. Rhianna – Love The Way You Lie
(DoP: Christopher Probst; dir. Joseph Kahn)
• Fever Ray – Stranger Than Kindness
(DoP: Jallo Faber; dir. Andreas Nilsson)
• Florence & the Machine – Cosmic Love
(DoP: Denzil Armour-Brown; dir. Tom Beard, Tabitha Denholm)
• Gorillaz feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack – Stylo
(DoP: Steve Chivers; dir. Jamie Hewlett, co-dir. Peter Candeland)
• How To Destroy Angels – The Space Between
(DoP: Greig Fraser; dir. Rupert Sanders)
• Kora – Zabawa w chowanego
(DoP: Marek Sanak, dir. Bartosz Ignaciuk)
• Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
(DoP: Thomas Kloss; dir. Francis Lawrence)
• Morcheeba – Even Though
(DoP: Ross McLennan; dir. Ian Bonhôte)
• Murder By Death – White Noise
(DoP: none; dir. MaricorMaricar)
• Plan B – Prayin’
(DoP: Robbie Ryan; dir. Daniel Wolfe)
• Turin Brakes – Sea Change
(DoP: Martin William; dir. Harry Dwyer)
• UNKLE – Follow Me Down
(DoP: Daniel Landin; dir. Warren du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones)


The jury for this year's competition are:
 Shawn Kim - cinematographer, worked on commercials, movies and music videos of such artists as: Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Editors, Beck, Muse, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon.
 David Knight - editor of, editorial director of UK Music Video Awards, co-founder and chief programmer of BUG
 Matthew Libatique - cinematographer Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, Black Swan, Phone Booth, The Number 23, Iron Man worked on numerous music videos
 Wojciech Mann - music journalist, TV & radio presenter, one of the most influential Polish journalists
 Daniel Pearl - cinematographer on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pathfinder, Friday the 13th, worked on music videos for: U2, The Police, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Guns N' Roses and The Rolling Stones among others
 Zbigniew Rybczyński - director, writer, cinematographer works on animated and experimental films, (Soup, Tango, The Orchestra, Kafka) and worked on dozens of music videos (John Lennon's "Imagine" among others)

17th November 2010

Qantas SOYA 2010

We're very excited (and a little nervous) about the Qantas Soya awards night happening later this week. We're finalists in the Visual Communications category along with Motherbird and Beth Emily and the mentor this year is the awesomely talented Deanne Cheuk. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

9th November 2010


We'll be showing some pieces from our ongoing Turns of Phrase & Figures of Speech series of hand embroidered type experiments, based on mixed phrases and accidental wordplays.  As well as new pieces from our 'Sweater Letter' embroidered alphabet, 'Epic Battle',  and risographs of Los Muchachos characters and 'Diamonds on the Soles of their feet'.

The show runs from now until November 13.

9th November 2010


We've just updated our site with some new features! You've found the new 'News' section but we also have an added section called Tactiles for all our hand made work. We're also in the midst of setting up a shop function. Please check back soon for updated shopping details for prints and also special one-off pieces available for purchase!

18th October 2010